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Naming a Pet Turtle

117If you are looking for a name for your pet turtle then select the name that suits it most. This means, the meaning of the name should be appropriate for the nature, behavior and character of your adored turtle.

Pets are normally considered as children. As the naming of your child is important, it’s equally important to name your pet turtle. When you give a name to your turtle it shows your concern and attachment towards it. A special name gives it a special identity and makes it a part of your family. Your pet turtle’s unique feature reflects in its unique name. So, the name should distinguish it from other turtles. You must give it a unique, caring and lovely name.

The names of the turtles are divided according to their gender. Some names are for male turtles while some are most suitable for female turtles. However, there are some other names too, which are neutral i.e. common name for both male and female turtle. If you are interested in unusual names, you can go for the foreign names, e.g., African name.

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