How to Select an Agility Tunnel

115Okay, so you’ve decided you want to do some agility training with your dog. That’s great! You’ve seen some competitions, know you need some dog agility equipment, and decide to go to the pet store looking for some of the standard training items such as a tunnel. When you get there what you find is there are a lot of options to choose from but you really have no idea which one would suit you and Fido best. Not so great.

Well fortunately, here is some information that can help. This is the information you need to know how to select an agility tunnel.

Tunnels come in several different types. The basic selection for competition comes in 10 ft, 12 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft lengths. They can be 4 inch pitch or 6 inch pitch. The Pitch refers to the amount of space between the metal that structures the tunnel inside. It can be heat sealed or sewed. Sewed is better for a hot climate like Az. The rip stop industrial strength fabric is very durable. The sun can actually make a heat sealed one fall apart after a while.

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4 Simple Steps To Buy Pet Insurance

114If you have not already realized, the costs of veterinary care is escalating. By purchasing a pet insurance for our pets is also a wise choice to keep pet care costs within an affordable range.

As pets become an important member of our family, purchasing a pet insurance is one of the ways to ensure our pets in getting the best care it possibly deserves.

Here are the 4 simple steps to purchase your pet insurance

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Proper Selection of Bird Cages Is a Big Affair for Your Teeny Feathery Friend

113A penchant for domestic pets is distinct from one person to another. If you’re the kind who desires low maintenance pets, then birds are good for you. As with all other house animals, these winged creatures have basic requirements that you ought to consider in order so that they can be relaxed and have a healthy state whilst in your care. One of the more critical factors to give some thought to when intending to get birds as pets is selecting the best suited from among the numerous varieties of bird cages. Listed here are some points and tips you can use to better inform yourself when purchasing an enclosure that will best suit your pet bird’s needs.

Types of crates
There’s a varied selection of cages developed for every bird type. The first is the bird perch variety, constructed from concrete, wood or rope, and devised for large birds. The dome top cage is a spacious enclosure that gives birds some room to fly about. The breeding cage, designed for two mating birds, provides a couple of inner sections that has a partition in the middle section. The flight bird cage, best for community bird varieties, offers enough space for occupants to enjoy full flights. A few vets point out that angled cages are better choices compared with circular cages, which apparently cause damage to a bird’s mental wellness. Bird cages also come in hanging as well as standing varieties. Make sure to choose the correct one for your pet. If undecided, ask your veterinarian or pet shop manager for suggestions.

Different types of bird cage materials
The sort of substance the cage is made from is yet another factor you’ll want to reflect on. Stainless steel is most likely the most dependable among a variety of bird cage components since it is non-toxic. It is particularly recommended that you just avoid painted cages since your pet bird can nick the paint away and swallow it, posing problems to its overall health. While top-notch quality cages come in rather expensive versus regular models, you have the reassurance that your feathery friend can stay secure inside a coop built to withstand a great deal of use.

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Finding The Right Dog Breed For Your Family

112How do you find the right dog breed for your family? The first mistake you might make would be to go to the local pet shop/dog breeder/shelter and look at all the cute little puppies looking up at you with their adorable little eyes, pleading with you to take them home. Don’t do this because you will pick the first one you see. You might get lucky and end up with the perfect dog to suit your family but more than likely that cute little puppy will grow up to be totally unsuitable for your family’s needs.

The best way to start would be to do some research into the different dog breeds and what level of care each kind requires. If you are away from home all day then do not choose a breed that needs a lot of walking & exercising. This would not be fair to the dog. If you want a companion on your daily runs, don’t get a small little dog that would be unable to keep up with you. Also, don’t just pick a breed that is popular at the moment. Carefully researching the different breeds and choosing one that will fit into your family’s lifestyle will save you much heartache for both yourself and the dog. When doing your research into finding the right dog breed for your family take the following points into consideration.

Where do you live?

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Three Key Things to Look For to Help You Buy a Healthy Pet Turtle

111Buying a pet turtle for the first time is not always easy, you will want to pick a turtle that’s healthy, happy and suits you as a person. Although this is what should happen ideally, it doesn’t always work out that way. Many people while trying to buy their first turtle make the mistake of not checking for signs of ill health or rather have no idea how to spot them. This usually ends up with an inexperienced turtle owner struggling to maintain the health of an already poorly turtle.

Here are three important signs you should be on the look out for when your deciding on which turtle to choose at the pet store.

1) Check for signs of bad nutrition.

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