The Importance Of Safety And Security Measures In Schools

It is a fact, that we live in an uncertain world. The school campus is one of the locations where it is important to have a sense of security. With the comings and goings of many people, such as visitors, students or staff, this is sometimes challenging to accomplish. One way to keep the location safer is to require visible identification for those who are allowed to be in the area. With a quick glance, it’s able to be determined, if an individual has been cleared to be in a specific location. This is especially helpful in the school environment, where safety and security has been recently questioned numerous times.

Of course, now many schools keep accessibility to the building under lock and key, requiring visitors and guests to check-in through the office prior to gaining entry to the campus. Of course, this method isn’t foolproof, as an intruder may be able to gain access upon students arrival to the campus in the morning, when security is more lax. One way to discourage this type of access is to make it simple to determine who is supposed to be in the building and who clearly is not. This can be done simply by requiring both staff and students to wear picture identification badges. These picture ID’s must be worn on ID Lanyards at all times while on the campus. Additionally, visitors checking into through the office must clearly display a visitor badge while on school grounds, too.

This safety procedure is simple to implement, yet can enhance school security a great amount. With only a glance, it can be clear if an unfamiliar face is authorized to be on the campus or not. During unsure times the issue of safety in educational facilities is paramount. Aside from quickly identifying an intruder, badges can quickly help students be identified in the event of an emergency. This helps to ensure the students are in the location they should be in, for their safety, in the event of a school lock-down, emergency, or drill.

Because safety is such an issue in today’s world, implementing a security measure such as this is a simple way to further increase safety for all students and staff.