A Dallas Staffing Agency Matches Your Executive Search

The advent of modern computer technology and social media has changed the workforce immeasurably. It has also changed the methods and resources of filling jobs with the perfect candidates. In decades past, the means of recruiting the right person for the job were minimal. Without the benefit of computer networking all over the world and the limitations of relying on newspaper ads, a stack of resumes and a Rolodex, the scope of acquiring the right talent was hit or miss.

Time constraints to fill a particular job niche were much more vast in scope due to the slowest means of technology in acquiring the right people, phone calls and in-person visits to the business location. Luckily for both the business and the job seeker, the daunting task of employee and employer match game has become much more precise and, as a result, has increased the companies’ bottom line substantially. The Staffing agency work of today has a proven record of success with many happy clients to show for it.

The 1940’s to the 1970’s held a more daunting task of fulfilling an employer’s job opening with the use of more primitive tools like a common typewriter, a newspaper, and business cards. Those tools could only be of help with recruiting by merely cold-calls alone. It’s no wonder that the filled job roles achieved by using this method probably had more of an employee turnover rate.

The 1980’s to the 1990’s saw a measurable improvement in the recruiting process with the advent of computer technology albeit more primitive than the current era. Its inception created job boards, tracking systems for applicants and career fairs. This was a marked improvement from the previous decades but the greatest improvements to filling a job role wouldn’t be realized until over 10 years later.

The 2000’s up till today brought with it more precise and reliable tools for obtaining not only entry level employees but also top level executives who are a more assured, suitable fit for the job title. From a database of resumes to tracking systems for applicants, a job recruiter’s duties have gotten a whole lot simpler.

The tools of yesterday have more than surpassed what was deemed possible just a half century ago. Locating the top echelon employee is within an easy grasp today more than ever before with a more assured job fit and reduced employee turnover rate.