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With Start of Flea Season Drawing Close, Advecta Offers a Special Discount


EAGLE, Idaho — The fleas that trouble so many dogs and cats typically give pets a rest through winter, normally gearing back up to bite only later in spring. With nearly invisible flea eggs now becoming ready to hatch and start the cycle anew, pet owners will do well to prepare.

As detailed at the company’s website at Advecta™ offers a full range of affordable flea and tick control products that incorporate the same active ingredients found in competitors that cost far more. For a limited time, visitors to can also obtain a coupon good for a discount on Advecta 3 or any of the company’s other products. With fleas now getting ready to attack pets across the country again, the special coupon will be useful to many pet owners. Advecta products are available at Target, Menards, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers.

“Fleas can certainly be frustrating, troublesome little creatures, especially for pets and their owners,” said an Advecta representative. “From annoying conditions like allergy-related dermatitis to serious issues like flea-induced anemia, guarding against the problems that fleas can cause for dogs and cats is always the best policy. Every winter, flea eggs lay invisibly dormant in homes and other protected places, only hatching after spring sets in. With flea season to begin soon across much of the United States, we’re proud to offer a special coupon that will make effective protection even more affordable. Our products use the same active ingredients as others costing much more, and the new coupon will make them even more cost-effective as flea season draws near.”

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Healthier Deer Farm Herds Through Better Nutrition

Deer farming is a $3 billion dollar a year industry in the United States that is one of the fastest growing business types in the country. Many landowners have begun deer farming to supplement their income as other employment becomes less easy to find in rural areas. Raising any type of animal requires the right products and knowledge and deer harvests can only thrive if the animals are given the right nutrition. This is why a quality deer supplement is something that all successful deer farmers use. There are many ways that a supplement will improve the health and profitability of a herd.

Improve Breeding Programs

Deer farms cannot earn a profit if they are unable to produce their own young. Nutrition may determine if the deer are fertile enough for a breeding program to be successful. A high-quality diet ensures that breeding mothers are healthier and able to produce young that start out larger and stronger than an animal that is born to a less healthy parent. The young will be more likely to thrive, grow faster and reach larger sizes than they would if their diet were inadequate. Good nutrition may help to prevent stillborn and infant mortality rates too. A Swedish study on mortality rates at deer farms showed that one of the greatest risks to newborns was a low birthweight because smaller animals were less likely to have the strength to fight off disease.

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