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Keeping Birds – An Introduction to a Fascinating Hobby

108Bird keeping is a pretty diverse hobby, from breeding bantams for eggs to keeping cockatoos for companionship. Depending on your interest you may decide to build an aviary, or just have a cage in your living room. Of course just as important as your interests are the needs of your bird so you must select a species that is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Bird-keeping is sometimes referred to as “aviculture,” a term defined by prominent aviculturist Dr. Jean Delacour as, “the worldwide hobby of keeping and breeding numerous species of wild birds in captivity to maintain their numerical status in nature with a view of forestalling their extinction by supplying aviary raised stock.” You will note that he refers to species of wild bird, and it is generally accepted that aviculture is restricted to caring for and breeding birds that are not fully domesticated, whereas those that care for and breed domesticated species of bird are “bird fanciers.”

Most people who engage in this hobby will buy from a local breeder or pet store, however, more advanced hobbyists may decide to import a rarer species from overseas. If you take this route you must ensure that you comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

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Best Pet Adoption Websites

107In the last 10 years, pet adoption websites have skyrocketed in popularity and are now the most common way that people find their next best friend.

We believe in supporting local animal shelters, but for those who don’t have much time, using pet adoption websites can help to “match” you with your next pet in a more efficient manner. You can be as specific or as general in your search as you want to be. You can search your local area, or are you willing to travel thousands of miles for the perfect pet? The choice is yours!

How do these websites work, you ask? Private and public animal shelters (“kill” and “no-kill”), humane associations, rescue groups, and even veterinarians can list pets on a number of these websites. Essential information is included in each listing such as species (cat, dog, rabbit, tortoise, etc.), sex, breed, color, size, location and even personality traits. If you have children, you can even “filter” your search to include only pets that have proven to be good with children.

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How to Select the Perfect Name For Your Pet Chinchilla

Photographed for DM Christmas mailing 2012

Once you have your chinchilla settled in its new home then you have to start thinking about a name to give to it. There are plenty of conventional chinchilla names that you could think about using such as Mr. or Mrs. Cuddles or squeaky.

However, there are other things that you can do which can help you naming your pet chinchilla. Below we offer some tips that you may find useful in helping you to provide a name for your pet that suits their personality perfectly.

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